In a sacred cave, Ezra is making markings with a stick on a wall.  They are not for him, but for the future generations.  He wears simple white robe and is pretty healthy in his 20s.  On his back he carries a basketful of sticks for writing.  There is some light so it is not perfectly dark in that cave.  Dampness of the mountain makes the wall soft that makes it easy to mark.  He is the only one making markings on the wall and he doesn’t understand what they are; simply follows instructions coming from the masters. 

Three masters who are not in human form; they are mostly in white light and purple light on the edges.  They are in so much of white light, hardly can see their features.  Normal humans don’t see the lights however. The eldest master is telling him what to write with a stick and he is the one who directs the other two.  Stick is just wooden stick with a bit of a point.   He instinctively knows he is going to be in the cave a while.  Ezra knows he has to do this and it is an important work.

His people have white skin; tanned under the hot sun; black hair and dark eyes.  They live in the northern side of Mediterranean.   The area is very arid, sandy, some greens, and mountains.  They are simple people and masters give wisdom to nomads in story form.  They give wisdom on: why has not rained in years, what have we done wrong, could we be able to survive.  Masters say to nomads that they have done nothing wrong; it is the Earth; they must plan; store; must be ready for difficult times; for they know these things happen.  Nomads do things as advised by masters, but they don’t pass on the information to generation to generation.  Nomad’s elders are selfish people and they use this knowledge to feel powerful, when they are gone, information is gone as well. 

His people do not eat.  Light gives what they require, and dampness of the air makes him feel free from needing water.  If he really wants to drink, he goes down to the small pool down the bend.   He much appreciates of the light, because it makes him feel full, nourished, and feel oneness with the whole creation.  They require no shelter to rest for they don’t sleep.  When night comes, they sit around, talk and share information.  Children sit in the circle, the masters teach them how to work as a team, spread the light and joy, and share knowledge so nomad people can grow.

They don’t give birth but children are just there.  No babies, children about 5-6 years old are to be brought in to them and they grow with them.  Home is in that light.  That’s how to travel.  Sit in the light like spaceship with controls.  Many galaxies away, they travel fast, and agreed to be on the Earth, helping people to go through difficult droughts, and the earthly cycles.

Nomads don’t know because not sharing information which was given to them, there are lots of fight just for survival.  People handle drought poorly.  The masters explain them the need to store, being ready for difficult times, and they have not done this.  The masters tell them where water is, and storage of lots of seed, baskets of them, and fresh water left generations over.  With seed, nomads can plant seeds so they can start the process of storing.

His people tried to explain that bad timings won’t happen if they follow the advises given, but nomads are doubtful. So, finally they decided to write so when nomads discover the writing, they will learn.  Wise woman or man from the nomads be able to connect the spirit and feel the information energetically. 

The assignment of Ezra’s tribe is to teach nomads how to survive, how to control with what they have.  Once one group grasp, they move on to another group.  They stay where they are, and nomads find them.  If they don’t share, they are not able to survive.  If one knows, then they can expand.  Ezra is feeling sad for them not sharing.

Many generations later, nomads finally grow in understanding.  His people are working on their heart centre to store the knowledge.  Ezra’s tribe use storytelling, words placed in the heart. Once done, masters put their hands directly on nomad people’s heart, get sealed.  Forever the information is stored in the heart generations after.  They don’t store in the brain because ego gets involved, twist energy and can’t get pass the generations.  Nomads people don’t listen to their hearts.  Ezra is saying: “quiet yourself, go to heart, take your consciousness to heart, information is there”.  Their job is just sharing.  There are multiple groups like them around the globe doing the same work. 

Ezra is reminiscing now that he becomes an elder, passing the torch to the younger generations.  He has observed, learned so he can step into the light.  By then many, many generations of earthling gone by and now he sees they have shelters, growing crops, they are learning to take care of it.  Humans are improved, they are doing the best they can.  Looking at the Earth, it is so beautiful place with blue water, green mountains and blue sky.  Such a lovely planet and he feels so blessed to share wisdom and knowledge with people of the Earth.

The past life of Ezra which we just got to learn is all about sharing knowledge and wisdom of the Universe.  In this current life, he is here once again doing the sharing of love and wisdom for the people of the globe.