Feeling? What is That?

A tiny woman with hearty laughs, Cherry could easily sweep people into whatever she believed good was good for them.  A born salesperson!  Young, attractive, vivacious woman on the way to succeed in life: money, love, happiness, all things most people wish to attaining them.

Her Higher Self (HS) showed her a life in Europe about a century ago, where Cherry was a dude (Cherry called himself a dude).

He was tall, strong, had a big chest, good looking and had a healthy body like an ox  So much of a masculine power in him, the dude’s chest heaved high when he took breaths.  I, the practitioner, even felt a surge of energy coming from this embodiment of a dude from Cherry’s tiny current body.  Even this small body of her all of a sudden looked so huge to me!  Was this a magic in display?  With intense curiosity, I observed the  transformation of one energy into another in front of me.  Wow!

He had a small farm and built his house and a small shed.  His overall was all dirty with soil.  He tilled the land, planted the crops, and fed the animals.  His farm kept him busy all day.  He had a horse helped him to plow the land.  Hunger he knew well.  After working at the farm, he came home to eat and to sleep.  He could hardly wait for a dinner, sat around the dining table, impatiently cutting an apple with his tool knife to appease his hunger, and ate while his wife prepared for his dinner.

His wife was much younger than him, had beautiful blonde hair with blue eyes, slender and a good cook.  Life in the farm was not of abundance.  His dinner was composed of some soup made from potato and carrot grown from his own farm, no meat in sight, and some plain rough bread.

After dinner, he went to bed and slept leaving his wife cleaned the place.   His wife had always sought for his love, but never received it from her husband .  Like all the other women in her area, she also wanted to have a few children.  But her husband knew nothing of telling her that he loved her, nor touched her hands to show any affection.  She was a dutiful wife, but yearning for his love feeling so forlorn.  Even when the dude went to the town for a beer, he never took her with him.

The dude had no notion of what to do with showing any interest in any intimate moments of love to his wife.  He did not know what love was, nor sharing moments with her.  Wife, to him, was a person who cooked, cleaned the place and someone all men supposed to have.  Nothing more than that. 

He had no friends either.  Even when he went to a pub, drank some beer alone, came home with something to eat because his wife asked him to buy them.

Then the war broke; he went to the war; fought; tank ran over him, and lost two legs.  In the hospital bed, lying there, just stared at the empty space.  A nurse fed him some porridge and he ate.  When I asked him how he felt losing his legs.  That was a wrong question to ask him, since he was a guy with no feeling.  He asked me: “Feeling?  What is that?  What am I supposed to work with?“.    To a person who had no notion of feeling, how could I explain what feeling was like.  He said “I am lying here and waiting for a discharge from the hospital”.  I saw no emotion on the face. 

That was a real good example of what somnambulistic state was like, when Cherry became that person.  It was unreal to see expressionless face where in this current life of Cherry was always bubbly with many laughs.  In just a few hours, I was seeing bubbly woman turned into an expressionless guy in front of my eyes!  Wow again!

His life was just that.  He lived, and died when the time came.

So of course, I was curious why her HS showed that life.  Her HS said that she needed to see the life what it was like having no feelings on anything.  What it was like the life of just ate, worked, lived and died.  And her HS added it is okay to have feelings.

In this current life, Cherry expressed once in a while she experienced not feeling anything, thinking feeling was just a nuisance to be interfered, and just wanted to do the things that she loved to do: make more money.

After the session, she realized how important to feel, express her feelings to experience being a human and then she laughed out loud.  She came back!

What a beautiful thing to FEEL.