Fuller Volume Absolutely!

A beautiful middle aged woman said “hello” when she saw me, and this must be Zena who made an appointment for the session.  She was brimming with happiness and health you could not imagine she needed any help!   During initial contact for booking an appointment, she mentioned she had breast implants done many decades ago.

During the interview, I was curious what inspired her to go through the operation.

Soo     What made you decide to have implants done?

Zena   I wanted fuller volume absolutely!  I felt mine was too flat.

Soo     After the implants, how did you feel?

Zena   I never looked back.

Soo     Curious, why do you consider removing them now?

Zena   It created some health issue.

Soo     What kind of issue?

Zena   I have this high pitch ear noise and aches on both upper chest area.

Life has been satisfactory for Zena.  Children grew up nicely and they are doing fine.  Her husband is all supportive for her, she feels quite content, but just this nagging feeling that she’s got to do something about the implants.

Other than two discomforts she mentioned above, in the beginning she said she felt all right.  The more she talked about her health, the more she realized that she was unaware of her body aches throughout.  Being busy with the family, thinking maybe she was getting old and those aches were just a part of life.  But generally, she always felt malaise over all.  She could not pinpoint before, but now she recognized she has had fatigue, brain fog, muscle aches; skin rash, insomnia; gastrointestinal and digestive issues; persistent viral infections, headaches; anxiety, and symptoms of fibromyalgia.


These implant bags are such large foreign bodies which are made of compounds not produced by her body naturally and it would be a marvel if she does not get sick at all.  Her body has tolerated for so long, now they are giving her massive signals to rid of them!

Her Higher Self (HS) has been patient for her all these years and kept giving her physical pains, finally they have access to her to impart what they want to say.

Soo     She wants to know what to do with the breast implants. Could you tell her your wisdom?

HS       She should remove them as soon as possible!

Soo     May I ask why?

HS       From breast implants, toxins are triggering immune disruption and developing degradation and cytokines around the bags.  In the bag itself becomes sticky, dissolves, and those particles find a way through the different parts of the body.

Soo     She said her breast areas are achy.

HS       Because of how the immune system works around and particles move around in the area create inflammation, virus thrive in the area which caused the breasts aching.

Soo     She also mentioned she has ear aches with high pitch for so many years.

HS       That high pitch ear ringing is caused by breast implants.

Soo     Oh is that right?  I was wondering whether it has something to do with frequency upgrading.

HS       No, it is from physical reason.  Once removed, the pitch will be decreased. 

Soo     Thank you!  What about the empty space when the implants are removed?

HS       Naturally body will refill the space.

Soo     She was wondering about fat transfer.

HS       It is best to wait, let the body does its job.  Later she can use fat transfer if necessary.

Soo     Anything else is required for her to do after the removal?

HS       Lymphatic system will clear.  Just drink a lot of water and eat nutritious foods.

She received a green light from her HS and all left is to remove them as soon as possible, which she said she will.