Through a spiraling tunnel, Tulinda came down and landed on a deserted dirt road, found herself to be a healthy young male wearing Roman soldier uniform, sandals on his feet, carrying a ragged sack contained apple, bread, a water pouch and some cheese.  He headed to the city, for he was called for a war.  He saw a gathering point of all soldiers.  The war between Roman and foreign invader from the North.  To protect the land, soldiers were given weapons and new rubber boots.

The soldiers had no fear, because they were all happy believing doing the right thing and their faith in knowing that they go to their God when they die.  The enemy were very well armed with metal weapons.  T, (for this story I am using initial T to represent the client in the past life) saw no chance of winning this war, and definitely no chance of going home alive.  The enemy deserved to win.  They were so well prepared.   At the battlefield, people were dying around him front, back, left and right.

Papa sketched by Tulinda

Instead of dying, T found himself was alive and stood in front of more than a 2-meter tall man with broad shoulders and flowing long black pony tail reaching to his waist.  T noticed this tall man had very strong physique, yet his dark skin shined beauty.  This man was indeed an imposing figure, however T felt only peace and love from him.  The tall man said T was a good material, and T felt there was a mutual admiration between he and the tall man.

The tall man brought T to his city and introduced his family and the house where he lived.  Incredibly wealthy, well respected, number one army general, leader and he had several wives.  He loved T and treated him like his own son even though he was not much older than T.  Tall man sent T to school to learn their language, math, astronomy which taught a different way of counting time and drew different universes.  The tall man needed T to communicate with the universes.  T called him, Papa.

Papa took T to a spaceship, which was made of light, and showed half-moon sign of the portal to the other universe, and the space people opened the door for T to enter which could accomplished only by spirit.

In spaceship, there was some kind of a meeting.  T saw many powerful spirits, men and lots of women. They called T, a messenger.  Even though T was much lower in spiritual evolution, space people respected T for his importance of the mission.

The space beings put messages into his brain, uploaded on all spiritual information, about food, energy, sexual reproduction, chemistry of how to use water, body cells, and something of healing.  To protect the information to retain the memory in T’s brain, they put some kind of different energy to seal and they said he was ready to go.  The space people came from planet Pasala of our solar system in different dimension from parallel universe.

Papa was happy to see T back after the spaceship visit.  T’s duty was to teach people telepathically on all things that he learned from the space beings, but T found people were closed minded, save most women and kids.  People Papa led were regular human including his human wives, only Papa was different.  Papa sent T to all over the world.

Papa was demi god from Pasala and his mission was to absorb negativities. He transferred negative energy to positive to help people raise their vibration.  Papa had been doing this over 2000 years.

T taught people on healing which had to go through skin openings, that was purposely designed to take in the information, energy and healing.  People covered them with clothes, so could not take the energy in.  Openings behind ears, on top of the head around crown chakra, forehead, around the mouth, where our pores including wrinkles are, really good to expose to the sun.

Another teaching was on the water and this teaching applies today as well.  We have to change the water.  The water is dying and or dead.  To make it alive, using some purple energy from our minds; project purple energy to the water, heal it and water will heal the ground.  Whatever we grow, and we have to grow our own food; use that purple water to the soil, it will yield 100 million times more nutrition; for example, one blueberry is good for all day grown with that water.  This is the solution to free the starvation problem of the planet.  With small amount of food packed with nutrition will provide satisfying ample food to so many.

T’s last day in that life showed it was his time to leave the body because though he was not that old, his bodily energy got depleted by going up to the spaceship often to get uploaded.  His job was done.  His assignment was to help raise people’s frequencies, but people were not ready.  They had opportunity to move up to higher dimension at that time, they could not because they did not have enough people to move up.

These space beings are still performing the same mission as before, and Tulinda was being initiated on the spaceship in this current life when she was a little girl; received energy and the information uploaded again to continue what she stopped 2000 years ago: which is to teach people free from fear of starvation by showing to grow special food; start with the water charged with purple energy.  She is still in communication with Papa who never left her.

The best time to project the purple energy from the brain to the water is in early morning or sunset, just think purple energy.  This purple energized water dissolves all plastic out as well; though taking time, in 20 years we will see complete dissolution of all plastics.

Water is living organism, has soul, and soul leaves water because they cannot live. <