Higher Self 201

The following is a conversation with a Higher Self (HS): Questions and answers.

Higher self is a vibrational access point to group consciousness.  Everyone on this planet is linked to a group consciousness.  Doing this trance work; you are able to access the knowledge within the group; so, we are individual consciousness linked together in a group setting like internet; you can find information of everything and other people.  You can only access other’s information which was only made public.  The stuff they give permission for others to access only.  We work on species as a whole, work with individual based on the individual acceleration speed; that’s why sending right people to the right person at the right timing is easy for us.  We are not individual entity; we are group consciousness.  We access everyone.

Who created us, Higher Self?  The natural law of a planet.  if you want to have a species on a planet, you have to have consciousness first, like a grid to allow the creation to exist; Higher Self of the group consciousness existed before the species exist; like DNA of the species is woven into the fabric of the planet.  That’s how the physical species can exist.  We come down from existing in astral plane to physical plane.  We exist in higher, astral plane.

Who put the consciousness of this planet?  Fabric of the universe includes all planes.  Long, long, time ago, different entities populated animal; plants; astral first; nature will take creating physical.  Like a computer programming, you give it a code and they do the rest.  The Source is the group consciousness of the entire dimension from 9th to lower down, down to the 1st dimension which deals elements.  Each dimension from higher dimension; each of them; you have to have group consciousness.  The physical world is engulfed into all higher frequencies.  Once group conscious built, planet created, once planet created then lower dimension is being created.  Nothing can exist without having all other planes.

(planes of all dimensions drawn by the client)


Some Higher Self (HS) is different in ability and wisdom, why?  It is not the HS being different to accessing different knowledge, it is the person’s ability to connect.  Like having Windows 95 computer vs Windows 10 computer.  Computer with Windows 10, physical elements and software allow quicker access to internet while Windows 95 computer is slower and less likely to get similar understanding.

How to access to HS better?  Helping to access to HS, people need to work on their ability to connect.  Same way as you would use Wi-Fi; whether you use 3G or 5G, internally the connection has to be built in.  Best way to upgrade your ability to connect, meditation is the way.  People will have to let go of ego, fear and control of the body.  Control divides individual from group consciousness.  Some who lived on the planet let go of their ego completely; they have full access; becomes enlightened like Jesus.  Jesus has no ego, no fear and no bodily attachment.  Have less fear, you will have more and better connection.  Learn to quieten the mind.

I had a client recently.  And the client had a difficult time to connect to the Higher Self.  The client’s brain activities were so busy.  Using an analogy; you are driving a car on a highway at 200 miles an hour but when you drive on a small-town road with the same speed, you are bound to veer off the course and get crashed.  You have to slow down from 200 to 100 to 80 to 40 miles an hour.  When internal state is in that busy state, people find it almost impossible to go into trance no matter how much they want to.  In that case, the client is not in the time of accessing Higher Self to get information and healing.  It is rather more important to learn to slower their thoughts, and they have to do their work in order to get the best connection with their Higher Self.

The Higher Self told me not everyone needs to access Higher Self to learn.