The Love of a Brother

A planet where Peter came from is in Pleiades star cluster also known as M45 or Seven (7) Sisters, which is about 400 light years away from the Earth that has blue, purple and pink lines on it when he looks down from the space.  Nice melody of “woosh” coming from it makes him feel at home and being in loving motherly warm hug.  The sound makes him feel like this is the place where family lives; feel at peace; and he can get support and be himself.

The planet is very big, mostly made of gas, and there is land on it. Beings live on the piece of land that are not fixed to the ground but floating.  They make houses on it; eat some vegetables that grow on the surface, and lots of mist everywhere.  Big dragons, and big animals fly.  It is like an island floating in the air.  Lots of misty gaseous air contains water vapor, plants absorb this vapor through their leaves.  Plants look like ferns and they eat them because they taste good; though they require no food; for sunlight feeds their bodies.

The family is raised in group setting, unlike earthly family structure.  Once they decide more creatures born, some surrogate mother chosen based on their DNA sequence with father chosen with right DNA for specific tasks.  For example, if they need to open a new fleet, then right people for that being created.  Mother does not raise the child.  They are learning about no-conditioning, not knowing their parents, grow up without conditioning, then become members for the society.

The babies are born; they give birth which is more controlled.  They keep the baby longer than nine (9) months; once fully grown; they can come out on their own. They do not cut umbilical cord; it stays connected with the baby; the group care for children; once the child grows up; the child decides what task it wants to do.  There is nothing to learn because, the knowledge gets downloaded on them already in their genes.

They have green/grey color scaly skin like a grey chameleon.  The head has pointed bone on top of the head, a small sliver of a bone above the scalp.  Eyes are big with black insect-like eyes with many grids, no lid and slender body.  Arms and legs are longer with small tail. Have no ears, rounded mouths, you can breathe from the skin as well as nose built into the skull.  Nose has nostrils and not out of the face with two holes.  Three digits hands and three digits toes.  They talk by sending energy to each other or send hug from distance. They control the matter around them that way, by sending energy.



People go on a spaceship to work and move around.  Sometimes take a break and looking at the planet; observe the island floating and clouds move on the surface; watch flickering yellow and white lights as the planet turning.  They hang out each other; dance and sing; remote viewing; work on projects; help other planets.  There is no sun set, and always light.

Also, on a spaceship; they monitor the planets; see other civilization; see any danger to overcome; visit neighboring planet; go to deep space anywhere there is a need for help, that’s why they came to the Earth.  Long, long time ago, they help create the Earth planet, forest, land and everything.  They came long before different races brought to the Earth.  They saw one race wants to control in the fresh planet. They sent troops to protect, when things got short; their team was not equipped to handle the savages and got destroyed.

Savages using tools to destroy, and they used high frequency beam like laser.  They can burn things with it, and use it to manipulate people on the planet.  They are the race with grey skin and have no form.  They are formless but they choose the body when going down to the planet.  They use surrogate bodies which has no soul, grown in the lab.

Now Peter is looking up a tall beige pyramid with many big steps on them in a tropical forest land now known as South America.  This pyramid must be several hundred feet tall.  And there are many of them.  He walks in one of the pyramids, he sees many rooms and drawings on the wall.  The drawings of many beings, spaceships in red, yellow, oranges, and they are beautiful and has nice energy.  He feels he knows this place, a place of mystery from the past.  Going down the shaft, tunnels being lit from light coming from the outside, he sees all images on all sizes of animals, plants, and creatures.

Inside of the pyramid he is trying to decipher the language, and message is there, that is they had a battle and they lost.  They came from far away star.  He finds pyramid, but not his people.  By understanding from the writing written by star people, he feels tremendous sadness over that they are not here.  He came on a spaceship to explore what happened after they left.  The star people kept their messages in crystals in pyramid.  They documented everything in the crystal which can open up the portal of the memory.  They were happy at first.  They started having some discord with people living there.  Energy still is there: Peace.  People is going to destroy the planet.

Peter decides to stay to help his star people.  They stuck here, after the battle, they were forced to stay.  They became human, their souls stuck here on the planet Earth, but their bodies dead.  Peter will help remind them where they came from. Right now, his brothers and sisters don’t remember who they are.  He keeps the crystals within him, keeps the memories, so he can remind them.  By keeping their energy inside, showing them what they are all about, reminding them who they are.  Staying on the Earth planet, he keeps helping them.  The memory is in the crystal.  It is all waiting for now.  His star people, they don’t know what they are missing. That’s why he is here to help them.  There is a lot of people back there in the home star, but he is the only one here.

Peter leaves the ship that is in perfect working condition behind in the forest; buries the ship in the ground with trees and branches, he becomes a human.  That was 23,000 years ago.  He willingly chose to lose the high consciousness, enters into loss of memory, which is like taking medication to forget what it was like living in higher consciousness.  He gave up talents and abilities that he had from the higher dimensional being.  He keeps the energy with him and moving forward learning how the humans deal with all things, finding out that there is hope, and he is very close to awaken his brothers and sisters who have been oblivious from the whole truth.