We are Pleiadeans. Part I

The following conversation uncovered many aspects of Pleiadeans.  Client named Emma came for a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) session and her Higher Self (HS) was very keen on sharing many information of the star system known as Pleiades.

Since the contents are vast, I am sharing in parts with you.  This is the part I of a few parts.

Soo:  Emma feels that she is too emphatic.  She feels she takes on too many energies from people and drains herself.  Could you elaborate why she feels that way?

HS:  These are the traits of Pleiadeans.  We sent her here spread the light and to raise the frequencies to help people.  We have said before to her to choose wisely people she can help.  She has suffered trying to help the wrong people.  She must listen more clearly her instinct and she will do much better in future.

HS:  We love you all so much and we want to help all of you, but we cannot help all of you sometimes.   There are many that are vibrating so low, this vibration causes the sickness in the person trying to raise the frequency.  This has been a challenge not to take on low frequency.  Low frequencies can be the disadvantage of the light worker.

HS:  Low frequency comes from the dark energy.  They are extremely efficient, effectively destroy whatever is in its path to be destroyed.  Light worker must be very keen and sharp to understand when and about the dark energy is about that they cannot change.

HS:  To change these energies, they must be in the collective.  They must be with other light workers because the strength is too strong.  If light workers continue working in low frequency, their bodies get sick like many aches that Emma talked about.  Walking away is important or call collectives to help.

HS:  Our message to you both is we must all work together.  When we work together, we will reach so much more power.  We must learn that asking for help is respectable.  You are not showing weakness or disadvantage.  You are going to what you were born to do.  We are here altogether.  So, these frequencies when trying to do them alone and not having the experience or knowledge, they can be damaging.

HS:  This empathic body must be protected at all times.  When left unprotected or unguarded that’s when pain and sickness ensue.

HS:  The more she understands about Pleiadeans and embraces our characteristics and our talents and skills the better she will feel in her health and mind.  And the more work and help she will have.

HS:  And she will reach great new heights of understanding and being of service to the people because she will understand how her gifts work more clearly.

Part II is coming soon.