The Dimensions

For my curiosity on dimensions, the Higher Self (HS) of one client lovingly and patiently answered my questions. These are the conversations that took place on that day.

Soo        What is dimension?
HS          Space and time are too constricted on the Earth dimension. There is a limit. Where there is no space, there is no time and no limit. What is happening now here is layered in different places and different times.
Soo        Please explain.
HS          So, mirrors are the best visual we can give you. Imagine, these mirrors lined up one after the other like a domino, you are standing in front of one mirror, you can see through into all of the other mirrors. That is what the dimension we see. There are layers of fabric created by the Source, so that it is less overwhelming.
HS          Everything is created in sacred geometry. They are created as triangles and circles. This is how we understand language, mathematics, and dimensions. Everything is created as simple as triangles and circles. That is the way dimension works. It is not coincidence that circles are continually moving. For example, marbles are round circles which are continually moving. That is dimension continually moving in circles. Each are created in circles and triangles.
Soo        Please give me some concrete example so that this human brain can grasp the concept.
HS          Our good friend Einstein, who is now a guide had once tried to teach this way. If you take a piece of paper, fold it many times, and poke a hole through it. That is the time in how many layers in it.
HS          When you unfold it, there are already holes in every layer of it. Both sides felt the effects of being poked, although holes seem to be in at different places, they happened together at the same time, and you see it in different points. That is what dimensions are.
Soo        So all dimensions are created all at once, but we see it all separate.
HS          That’s right.
Soo        So then what do they contain in dimensions?
HS          All different dimension has particular sounds and colors. Each dimension has each beauty, vibration, language, and tone. That is what reality is if you want to call it that way. If vibration changes, so the color changes.
HS          If you have a glass of water, you see it as one color, and you squeeze lemon in it, color changes. Vibration of lemon changes the color of the water. As dimension changes, so the color changes. Wave of vibration is constantly changing.
Soo        So what are the colors of the Earth you see?
HS          Grey. When the Source is sending wave of colors of white and gold, the Source tries to lift that grey out and replace it with gold and white. That is cleansing. What color changes into is what the Source to decide.
Soo        Please give me some more examples of dimension.
HS          For example, rocks or stones. They are in the second dimension where they feel to be dense, a state of being to just experience and observe. So many molecules are vibrating against, so they are dense. That is not suffocation. It is just the state of being. They know they exist. They have consciousness.

The Dimensions, painting credit to artist Nebulardee

HS          Humans for example, they are in the third dimension where they know they exist and know what to do with that existence.
Soo        Thank you! Wonder how many dimensions are there in the creation.
HS          There are countless dimensions, unlimited.
Soo        How to access other dimensions?
HS          Fastest to access all dimensions is having no vessel, only in spirit. You can access via astral travel, or in dreamtime. Accessible only when spirit shed any shape of vessel. Everything is like water that you can go through, and it is breaking the mind, breaking the matrix that has been created by the darkness. Understand that you can jump from one to another dimension, and able to access all dimensions.
Soo        When people want to access other dimensions spiritually or astrally, what is the prerequisite condition of the vessel?
HS          The vessel’s chakras must be aligned. The Source created chakras, so it can open up to the other dimensions. Like mirrors explained before, all chakras must be aligned. For mathematical reason to the universe to create harmony in the physical body. When not aligned, you cannot walk through. If one mirror is this way, the other, that way, you cannot walk through.
Soo        Chakra colors, are they related with dimensional colors?
HS          No, they are not related with the dimensions.
Soo        There are so many dimensions, you said. Could you give me one concrete example of effect of one dimension to another to solidify my understanding?
HS          For example of purple dimension. Everything is purple, sky is purple, dark purple cloud, breath the air and it is so light. Nobody is there. Looking down, the ground is purple. There are gate keepers sitting in a circle almost like a camp fire and they are of each dimension in globe of energy. I see them in energy of purple, blue, white, gold, silver, and yellow. Council of dimension meets in purple energy. It is like when crown chakra opens completely, that is the base of dimensional chakras where dimensional keepers are on this dimension and they have keys of each dimension to open up each dimension.
HS          Imagine surgeon opens up your friend’s brain and her brain is giving off this purple energy. Inside that purple light is being reflected into those marbles, all these gate keepers sitting in a circle, those marbles are feeding off of that energy.
HS          They take that energy of that light and they project that light into each dimension, their own light is like a mirror, so that their light goes through them and reflects them into their dimension.
HS          When that light is reflected into each dimension, that light is also sent back to the Source through the cosmos into the universe and to other universes. The Source is being fed with that purple dimension with these energies. The Source gets report. It gets fed by the energy we send and reporting. That is why it is so important this dimensional council sends energy to galactic council, to all universes, and all send to the Source.
HS          So, the Source gets information, the Source sends us all out so that we can get information so when the Source feeds, and the Source gets expanded and light expands. And more light is giving off, more energy.
HS          That is why the shift is happening. Because the Source is giving off more energy, all councils are all getting together and witnessing the shift. It is almost like a door is being opened, allow the light to come through, when the light comes through, there is no more darkness. The energy is so much, that is why the shift is happening. The Earth has no choice, but to expand into shift.
Soo        Thank you, it is very neat system. Then, is that the purpose of having dimensions?
HS          Going back to the Source is being part of everything, no more learning, no more questioning, no more doubting, no more of anything. And no more reporting back. You know that you exist and all existing everything is one. It is vibration that you know all, it is an experience. When you look at something, you don’t feel any difference than you, you know that it is you.
Soo        So at the moment of shifting on the Earth, what is the short-term goal? I know you explained the long-term goal which is to go back to the Source.
HS          People have doubt, they don’t believe. But this expansion is opening up their hearts, minds, souls and third eyes. We are always walking in heaven. It helps people being in love. Then we no longer get angry, unhappy, since they understand .
HS          Our lungs are being expanded in love. The shift causes people live in heaven here and now, instead of them believing they can go to heaven only after they die. We breathe love, and this pushes any darkness that we create, and it gets completely evaporated and gone.
HS          By realizing who you are and why you are here, in regular day, being a regular worker as secretary, doctor, mother, or sitting at home trying to figure out what to do, by them giving off positive energy, they realize they live in happiness.
HS          By opening crown chakra, they realize their life purpose, which is love.

Thank you, the Higher Self!