Three Hours in the Birth Canal

This session makes me wonder whether it is good to remember past lives or better to forget and have a clean slate to try again.

Mom had gone through 33 hours of labor.  The last three hours, the baby stayed in the birth canal, simply refused to come out.  So finally, doctors had to use epidural and forceps to take him out.

Mom told me the son has been riddled with all sorts of inflammation and issues such as OCD, ADHD, Lyme disease, unwarranted fear and many more.  Now being a 9-year old, he thinks he knows all and does not need to go to school.  Voluntarily he decided to quit the school.  He has extreme fear of going out, or anyone visiting them.  Mostly he stays in his room to be away from people.

I asked his Higher Self (HS) let us know why he behaves this way and how to correct it.  They said in the past life he was a powerful emperor but a tyrant.  He did not treat people nicely. He used the power against people, hurt many. He was drunken high with his power.

He came to this life to help many to correct his past wrong doings. He asked for this experience how to feel to be weakened with so many discomforts, because in that tyrant king life, he had too much power. 

He will be helping thousands and thousands of people by first learning overcoming himself by going through the experiencing of healing, and he will be helping people who have similar suffering.

His resistance to come out of the birth canal was that he recognized all these souls of doctors and nurses whom he killed in previous life, and was afraid of being killed by them when he was out.   

His behavior of running to his room and hiding was also coming from fear of being killed by these visitors coming to his place, also because he recognized these people he killed and mistreated them in that life of the tyrant king.

Another of his controlling behavior for the certain way he likes doing things, also due to the fear of being killed, this loop of fear-based thinking also removed by his HS.

It was an eye opening for Mom to recognize this past life information of her son, now totally understanding of his behavior. 

Her relationship with this boy was very loving one.  In one life time, he was her dear husband who they deeply loved through their entire life.  When her husband passed away by accident, she lost all desire to continue, so in that life she died in sorrow and depression.  Now in this current life, they came back as Mom and son.

His memory of the past life of hurting people in that life was deleted, for His Higher Self (HS) decided it served the purpose, and no longer requires to keep it in his memory.  Of course, his physical issues were also healed, and repaired along with trauma being stuck in the birth canal for three hours as well.

Mom is to watch him wanting to go out more is a good sign of recovery and entire healing will take about one year to complete.