Mental Issues

Mental issues commonly come in the name of depression, bipolar, anxiety, fear, suicidal, PTSD, eating disorder, schizophrenia, intense resentment and more.  I have had clients with these issues and had opportunity helping them on all of the above except schizophrenia.  For, my teacher Dolores Cannon taught us not to work with people who have schizophrenia, because of the inability to distinguish between “fantasy” and “reality”. 

Presently in society, usual methods of dealing with them are by prescription drugs and counselling, and most often they really don’t seem to be much of help.  Thus, I was pursuing more understanding and solution on the issues so I addressed questions to one of the client’s HS.

HS      Modern medicine, the way that the mind is viewed is very different.  Mind did always these things.  Different cultures handle mental issues differently from western world, as some cultures see them as blessing and see that there are hidden treasures.  But some of them have spurn out of the control because the western world in the ways of dealing with them.

HS      For example, schizophrenia.  This is well known in your world, and this is well known in spiritual world as well.  This is the person who sees many realities at once.  Do you not see many realities at once?  If you are spiritual, you feel many realities at once.  However, you have provided yourself for the training in a way to hold this capacity.  For many who live in these realities, where this training was not possible, so the spirals continue down and down to take over their life until they finally witness the world in which they were meant to.

HS      These mental health issues, you have found the ways to hold them better.  Some will need drug intervention, none of these things can be cured that if they are far gone.  They are not meant to be cured; they are meant to be lived with.  However, that can be debilitating if they are not harnessed and seen for the truth of what they are.

Soo     But, the world is having trouble to understand these people.

HS      Yes, because they are seeing them as a problem, instead opening the world up to allow them to be who they are and where they are.

Soo     How can we help them?

HS      Witnessing the people’s truth for what they are.  If you meet these people and you feel fear, are you really meeting them?  Or are you able to witness them in love as you should with all people.

Soo     It is very difficult to deal with them.

HS      Yes, your society has trained that to be so.  It is trained that the difference is seen as bad thing.

Soo     How do we better care for them?

HS      The simple answer is be with them.  Being with means you are not trying to fix them. Being with means holding space for them to be who they are.  They have not had much of this in their life.  They are meeting the next person who is trying to fix them again and again.  Even they themselves are trying to become normal.  They are trying to fix themselves.

Soo     Yeah, because we don’t know much.

HS      And in this reality of the world, there must be some fixing to some degree which why you see them taking medication.  It is not a bad thing.  To live in this world as it is now, that is possible.  Maybe in the future of this world, they will not need that.  Because many people will not be fearful of them.

Soo     So when you say hold a space, what do you really mean for us to do?

HS      Be curious about their experience, and validate their experience.

Soo     But, when we don’t know much of this kind of thing, how can we validate their experience?  Because what they say, things sound weird.

HS      Yes.  You may ask them what do they believe them to be true.  For them living in this world, they feel anxiety.  In this anxiety is up here because they are torn between what they believe is true and what is reality.  But they cannot fix themselves from this anxious place.  They must feel grounded.

Soo     How to be grounded?

HS      You must be grounded first.  Then you may ask, witness them what they experience.  They don’t want to feel crazy, and they do not want to feel judged as crazy.  They know this well for themselves.  They need us to hold ground for them, and say whatever their feeling at this moment is OK, that we are there with them for what they are going through.

Soo     It takes tremendous maturity to hold them in that space, and validate them.

HS      Yes, also they may not have enough time.  You may not fix all of their problem.  They have life time of hurt to heal.  You may not heal it in a moment. But by giving them love and hope in one moment, they may give them love and hope for themselves to go to the next.  You may only do so much now.

Soo     Nowadays, so many mental issues and viruses are present, I wonder if Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) has any relationship with mental issue?

HS      No, many people who have mental issues have the virus, but they are not partners exclusively together hand in hand.  Some adversely got affected by it. Some are born to have mental issues.  Some are born to be spiritual healers.  However, for example, some person grew up in a family that is very catholic who does not want them to be the spiritual healers, when you are turned away from the truth from the very young age and you know that truth at very young age, you will feel crazy.  Because your reality has been ripped away again and again by people who should love you.

Soo     Most of us are gone through many dysfunctions in every culture.  Because that, damage has been done already early on, so this child goes through life of anxiety, sadness, anger, fear, resentment and helplessness and so on.

HS      Yes.  Much of this hurt is passed on as culture, and became history.  We must rise above the culture that hurts us and our loved ones.  Culture is important.  Culture gives spiritual practices.  Culture gives us grounding, and gives us history from where we come from.  It is a beautiful thing.  Art and beauty spring forth from it.  However, you see in many families, they say we yell each other to show their love.  This is culture being passed on.  But it is hate, and hurtful, and it needs to be stopped.  Even some cultures love their family only so close, loving anyone outsider is seen as bad.  This is also bad.

Soo     Is mental issue more now than before, or is it because due to social media we get to hear more, or we have better understanding of it now?

HS      Yes, there are many factors in it.  Mental health issues can be seen as spiritual teachers coming here and failing.  There are more of you on this planet as well.  The more of you, the more spiritual teachers need to be.  The Universe will keep on sending more spiritual teachers until some of you take a hold and live in your truth. Sometimes it does not work out in one life time, which is why we are seeing so many more mental health issues.

HS      World is in the form of decay, there are many more waking up, but there are just as many and even more so that are remaining in sleeping.  However, there is a group in between these two.  These people who wanted to come to this world to wake up.  However, for life circumstances or for the world, they have been forced not waking up, so we live in this reality where they cannot be true.  Which is why we are seeing this more and more.

Soo     So in fact it is more and more.

HS      It is more and more because there are more of you, and there is more need of spiritual teachers and leaders.