Once BBB Is Broken

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) has vitally important function for protecting the brain against toxins and pathogens while allowing vital nutrients to the brain, so they are tightly guarded by tight junctions.  The tight gap only allows small molecules of nutrients.

Tight Junction-image courtesy of Wikipedia

How Tim’s BBB has broken?  His work called for him living in a remote place while city dwellers enjoyed the comfort of clean water, and easy access for hygiene.  For many years with his colleagues, he had consumed water, filled with heavy metals and even fecal matters.  Those days he and his colleagues were not aware they were consuming those compounds, only a few years later, an inspection of that living quarters revealed the damage done to people.

He has noticed his body showing signs of various discomforts such as irritable bowel syndrome; indigestion; itchy face, headache; anxiety; insomnia, and his memory seems to be slipping as well.  To be alert on the job, he drank large quantity of coffee throughout his day.  Also, he has had frequent infections, which made him take huge doses of antibiotics often.   He simply wanted to be free from all aches and pains throughout his body, but doctors seemed unable to locate the real cause of his trouble, eventually he ended up carrying bags of medication to quell his pains.  In-spite of his being extremely health conscious lifestyle and effort to consume so call “good” foods, his body did not show any improvement, but felt worsened.  Time to find out why, what, how and when with his Higher Self (HS).

Soo     How such block can occur in his cells?

HS       Cells supposed to receive certain compounds, in certain metals mimic those compounds and take the place of them, prevent the transmission of those substances.

Soo     So that could be an explanation why his body did not improve?

HS       Physical body is aware of toxins which damaged entire cells.  There is a lot of conflicts going on in the body.  That naturally creates over reaction to stress.  Under stress of toxins, receptors of every cells get blocked to receive from different compounds.

Soo     What about the BBB malfunction?

HS       Foreign invaders are there.  Lots of heavy metal exist in his brain.  Even if taken mineral supplement which he religiously has been.  There is no way of attaching minerals to cells, because viral thrive on some of heavy metal environment.  Therefore, that creates all mineral deficiency due to heavy metals get attracted by different types of receptors.

Soo     Is that why his memory loss happened and anxious about everything?

HS       Correct.  Stress mostly from toxins affects neurotransmitter which creates anxiety, and they change people’s behavior.  It blocks ability to think.  Without proper synapses, his cells get buildup of plaques and miss firing of neurons.  Thus, erratic thinking and behavior of his occurs.

Soo     It is very clear the reason of his health issue and is there any reason why he has to go through this much of trouble?

HS       He wanted to learn the hard way.

Soo     Learn what, may I ask?

HS       He wanted to learn to teach people to awake.

Soo     So how is he going to do that?

HS       By communicating with people.

Soo     Via what method would you suggest him to connect?

HS       Any method he feels comfortable with.

Soo     All right, now he knows why he is going through all this, could he get the healing so that he can enjoy healthy body from now onward?

HS       Yes, we are working on it.

Soo     All right I will leave you a while.  Please let me know when you are done.  Thank you!

For a while the HS was quiet, doing healing on him apparently.  Simply I had no idea what kind of method and how his HS was working on where.  Little later the HS said “OK”.

Soo     His health issue is now all cleared?

HS       Yes!

Soo     Could you explain how you healed for him?

HS       We used magnetic force to pull heavy metals out from all receptors of cells. Also pulled all heavy metals including lead from lymphatic system, blood and bone, so that we made sure no redistribution again of these heavy metals to the brain and bones.  

Soo     And?

HS       We pushed and flushed them to the kidney, to the bladder and to the bowel.

Soo     What about the broken BBB?

HS       Certain compounds supposed to open tight junctions in the brain are over-reacting, keeping the junctions open too long and weak, allowing those particles which should not pass through.  So, by calming it down; tightening and strengthening junctions; only nutrients, and smaller particles to pass into the blood; thus, no more immune system gets attacked.    So now tight junctions are all shielded in the brain and the guts as well.

Soo     Oh?  The guts also have tight junctions?

HS       Correct.  They are all tightened, strengthened, calmed, and shielded.

Soo     How did you work on them?

HS       The same way as we did on his brain.

Soo     So then, what kind of good side effects will he experience after the healing done by you?

HS       He will have clarity, there will be no cognitive problem.  He will have sound sleep from tonight and don’t be surprised to see his bowel color green and red tomorrow.  He will feel good overall.

At the post talk, he mentioned his face stopped itching and he said he was looking forward sound sleep which he hasn’t been able over a decade.