Why Can’t Get Pregnant?

I hear usually women get pregnant quite easily.  Some people require only one activity to become a parent.  Therefore, we have such abundant population around the world.  Some small percentage of the population, no matter what the technology of the world offers, they simply can’t get pregnant.  Why?

This is a story of Abbey who desperately wants to have children.  Her husband and she have perfect health.  Financially they are doing excellent.  They have satisfactory career where they feel content at work.  They have great belief system fit to be an excellent parent.

The fertility clinic where they go, they checked their health for pregnancy announced them that they lacked nothing.  He was perfect in all scores, so she was.  She told me they have gone to the clinic for the last several years, but no pregnancy resulted.   Meantime, she feels her biological alarm clock is ticking, making her nervous, now they even toy the idea of adoption. 

Her burning question is “Why can’t I get pregnant?”.  I feel so bad for her.  Here she is young, vivacious, intelligent, attractive and more than anything else she wants to become a Mom.  She mentions that her husband also feels ready to be a Dad.

During past life regression, she had a life of beautiful family with children and the opportunity arrived to ask her Higher Self (HS) about her burning question.

Soo     How come Abbey cannot get pregnant?  What is the reason, could you tell her please?

HS       She really must want it!

Soo     I beg your pardon?!  She said she really wants to become a Mom.

HS       She wants to, but does not want to.  She wants freedom also.  If you know to raise a child, you lose and sacrifice some of the freedom.  We don’t know what she wants. 

Soo     Could you explain more? 

HS       Her body vibrates at different frequency compare to her mind and her soul.  There is a disconnect in that.  Her body is a medium between her soul who she really is and this third dimension.  If there is any disconnection in terms of vibration, it is like an Earth; you will have storms; you will have disintegration of matter; nothing can live in that type of environment.  You can conceive, but you can’t hold a life inside the vibrational equilibrium.

Soo     And?

HS       Within the same body, there are 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 different dimensions.  They are all within that same diameter.  So, it is difficult to keep an equilibrium.  Especially someone so sensitive like her.  She is too vulnerable to the outside and to her internal as well.

Soo     So what must she do to achieve the goal?

HS       First she must decide.  Speak it out loud.  Needs to tell herself out loud; that she wants to conceive naturally; that she wants to have a healthy child.  Then dream it.  Imagine it.  She needs to feel the conception process.  Feel the labor process.  Feel holding the baby in her arms.  She needs to smell it; taste it; sense it; live it; hear it before she lives it.

Soo     Wow!

When she came out from the deep relaxation, I conveyed her the message received from her HS.  The beaming smile on her face told me she would be a Mom soon!