What is Higher Self?

Image courtesy of Higherdensity.wordpress.com

During when a client is under trance, I as a facilitator of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), have an honor to address questions, and healing requests to the client’s Higher Self (HS). They (HS) are ever wise and loving, have answers for everything that client asks, and heals body, mind and spirit of the client.

They (HS) receive respect and love from their respective clients as well as I, the facilitator.  However something odd thing I have noticed: Every Higherself has different degrees of knowledge and understanding of matters. Some are coming from a very high spiritual place, imparting information more like from the Source Itself, and some, more earthy from earthly being’s perspective.

Soo       What is Higher Self?
HS          It is the essence of what makes up of your soul. The Source has given one or several energies of higher entities as one, the soul embodies in everyone’s body. All their energies are part of a person.
Soo        Does that imply Higher Selves have different character or personality of the being, so to speak?
HS          Yes, since they are all created from the Source, they are one and different.
Soo       For example, we are all human, yet different, and have varying degrees of ability.
HS         Yes, Higherselves are also experiencing as being Higherselves.
Soo       Are you saying  Higherselves are also evolving?
HS         Yes, they are also learning, experiencing, and evolving with you.
Soo       Is that right?! I thought they are beings equal to the Source: infallible, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.
HS          The Source created them for specific reason.
Soo        Specific reason like Archangels?
HS          Yes, Archangels were created for specific reason, so was Higherself.
Soo        So in this whole creation of the Source, Higherself is working as a Higherself.
HS          Correct.
Soo        Then what is spiritual guide?
HS          A guide or guides who help your soul open up. Until your soul opens up it stays with you. All their energies are a part of who you are. They are different from the Source. Sometimes they incarnate as Earth human, one birth after, and they became wiser on everything on earth. When we see renowned scientist, or brilliant actors, or wise sages, they are the ones who were HS, or spiritual guides incarnated as human.
Soo       Could you give us some example, so we can better understand.
HS         Moses is one who walked the Earth 3 (three) times and taught people that the Source is the only one and all else is illusion. Sanat Kumar is another, who walked the Earth once. Many symbols were given by the Source to Sanat Kumar. Those symbols were too powerful for humans to sustain in human vessel, so only a portion of the symbols given.

Now the conversation with the Higherself of one client on this subject is one information, but as you know by now, with another Higherself, the same subject might enlighten another side of “The Diamond”.