Pink Water

Abby loves children and teaches kids telepathy and telekinesis. Her planet Sirius, people have control of everything around them. They can control their thoughts and objects. Control thought means they do not need to speak is one of the benefits. Of course occasionally, they do speak, but very rare.

Planet Sirius is within the same galaxy of Earth, and it is situated the opposite side of the sun. Sirius people are highly intellectual beings in this galaxy and they are about hundreds light years away from Earth.

Planet Sirius is very rocky, and smooth rocks are abundant. The weather of this planet is always comfortable, no extremes. Abby sees vegetation. I was curious of other things, so I asked her:

Soo      How do you people look like?
Abby   We are tall, much taller than you people. Have a humanoid shape.
Soo      What about face, what do you have on your face?
Abby   Face is similar to human, oblong head, hair like humans, eyes are brown.
Soo      Do you breathe?
Abby   We do not breathe as you perceive, no need air to breathe.
Soo      Do you breathe like fish then?
Abby   Yes, we breathe just like a fish.
Soo      Do you have limbs?
Abby   Yes, we have limbs like human, four digits of on each side.
Soo      You said you are tall. Is anyone overweight?
Abby   No, nobody is overweight.
Soo      Nobody is overweight? What do you eat?
Abby   We do not eat. We just drink water.
Soo      Drink water only?
Abby   Yes, water has all nutrients that we need.
Soo      No wonder, that’s why no one is overweight!
Abby   Our body is long, thin, and very nice.
Soo      Do you sleep in your planet, like you have night and day?
Abby   Yes, we have day and night. We do not require sleep.
Soo      How do you use your night time, what do you do?
Abby   We are active at night, we study, play games at home.
Soo      So is your night dark as well?
Abby   Yes, night is too dark, we do not leave home at night.
Soo      What kind of clothing do you wear?
Abby   We wear one piece like jumper suit.

One day a new school opened for solely teaching children on astral projection. She explained astral projection is to project yourself to travel quickly without using physical body. It enables to bi-locate, more than one place. People on Sirius can project many if you are really good.

When they have a new source of water which was erupted from side of a mountain, everybody was happy.

Soo      Why that makes your people so happy?
Abby   Because, water is our food.
Soo      What color of water is it?
Abby   It is pink.
Soo      Pink?
Abby   Yes, it is so beautiful. We are so happy.
Soo      Good for you! You have more water. Do you sometimes boil water?
Abby   No, we don’t boil it, just warm it.
Soo      Warm it? May I ask why?
Abby   For better digestion.
Soo      That reminds me, did I ask you question about your dwelling, what is it like…
Abby   We have a house, a small house, one story.
Soo      What do you have in your house?
Abby   We have bed, cushions for sitting.
Soo      What else do you see in your place?
Abby   I see some pair of extra clothing, stove for warming water.