Sirius A and B

Our interest now rests on two planets near the Orion’s belt. Large Sirius A, the other small one, Sirius B. From now on I will address A or B instead of spelling the full name of them. There is another small planet calls Sirius C also. However, in this discussion, A and B are the main interest.

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From my clients, numerous planets and galaxies were mentioned as their home, large portion of them mentioned Sirius as their home planet, more often B as their home.

Human history with Sirius went all the way back to Egyptian time according to the clients. Egyptian performed rituals and called for help. Sirians heard the call, and they came. Sirians known as sky god to Egyptian imparted many knowledge: universe, tools, astronomy, and more. Sirians are major player in helping Egyptian pyramid. The B is known as the sixth (6) dimensional place, where beings work on progress on their spiritual evolution.

Sirians, some are fascinated by the life of the Earth, wished to assist it on regular basis. Even though it was possible to observe the Earth on remote, they wanted to experience. When they heard the stories of the Earth, they wished to experience themselves. They willingly left the 6th and the 8th dimensional world to the 3rd dimensional Earth, produced children, and they lived amongst humans.

A is the eighth (8) dimensional planet. They have energy body, since they have evolved so much, physical body is no longer necessary. They take solid form, only for useful purpose of having form to have limbs to pick things, manifest when they need the body. They are seen often of seven (7) feet fall, and of course eating is not necessary. Where Sirians from B are smaller in height about five or five and half (5-5.5) feet tall. Sometimes beings from A are being sent to previous  dimension which is referring to B, and voluntarily go to help them as well.

On A, scientist work on medicinal plants. For the Earth, they assist raising vibration, showing the way to love and light just by them being there. Their presence will simply raise vibrations. Also travelling back and forth for thousands of years, helping people on the Earth by channeling, or parting information via trance to leaders.

Distance between the two (2) planets’ orbiting: it is being drawn to the larger planet, every year they get tiny bit closer, and now only 500 years away left for being two planets will merge and become one. The entire cycle from separation to become one takes 40,000 years.

Another stage of evolution of A and B. Reason of huge size of A: A is grown too this size due to the evolution, when the 6th dimensional planet requires no more beings in existence in physical form, will merge with the larger planet without any collision.

Special and joyous day occurs when many souls arrive to A when souls from B are passing their evolutionary progress. Of course they communicate telepathically.

Many people on the Earth want to possess stones fell from the Sirius. Clients who came from the Sirius said the reason of human loving to hold the stones are effect on them. Due to the fact of higher vibrational property of the stones, they get energetic jolt by holding it. They call the stone Cintamani stone. However they said it is difficult to get authentic stones.-They said in order to obtain authentic Cintamani stone, you will have to wait to catch stones falling from the Sirius. The stones are very different from anything from the Earth. They said you will realize it is very different.

Depending on which dimensional view we come from, the surface looking from the A to the B appears green, lush, and having much vegetation. However if you look at the B from the 3rd or the 4th dimensional view, the planet looks icy, cold, and lifeless. Different vibration produces different perspective. Also it is very complicated for earthlings. For instance, if I would travel with the present Earth technology, I would not survive, wouldn’t make the trip, the technology is not here yet. Even if I make the trip, from Earth to B, will take a whole life time and survive in spacesuit only. And what about food and water? The atmosphere in B would not sustain human life. Beings of A and B communicate with the Earth still. It simply is the place they have deep interest, and they were considered as God in those days of Egyptian.

I wonder sometimes, is that why some phrase reads: In the beginning God walked with humans.