We are Pleiadeans. Part II

HS:  We have struggled with this Earth at this time because of the suppression of everyone on this planet.  They have suffered so greatly into believing that they are slaves! They are not slaves.

HS:  They are powerful.  All entities and beings, star seeds, and so many planets are here helping and nourishing.  Everyone is so excited for the planet to be such a beautiful place that we created from the beginning.

HS:  So many things infiltrated our garden, and we are working so hard to make this garden flourish again.  We feel great new hope that this will happen, and we are here today to work with you and Emma because the more that we are able to teach you about your powers and your skills, the more beneficial we will all be in working together.

Soo:  Thank you for letting us to know the value of working together.  You said Emma is from Pleiades, could you tell us more about the Pleiades?

HS:  Pleiades is a star system made up of multiple planets.  They have 7, 9, 10, or 11 planets.  Every day, there is a new planet, and an old planet.  We mutate.  We see humans as they like to number, catalogue everything.  They like to label everything and put everything in boxes.  One day there are 7 stars in the Pleiades, then there are 9, soon they will discover more.  They will get bigger telescopes and they will say oh! We didn’t realize Pleiades has 22 planets.

HS:  Pleiades is a growing garden of itself.  This garden is made up of many planets and in these planets they change.  Our people change.  Frequency gets higher and we have many Pleiadeans that move to other planets.

Soo:  Oh, where do they go?

HS:  They remain within the star system, but they choose to go and begin a new planet because our beings, our people are the gardeners of the universe.  Our mission is to grow beauty, frequency.  We are like all living creatures in that we believe in reproducing.  We are happy, wonderful, light bearing beings full of much love.  And our instinct is to create more of who we are.

Soo:  You are creators of all these creatures of entire universe?

HS:  No!  We don’t create the universe.  God can only create these things; however, God has given our species the power to make gardens, make animals, make planets.  So, we can understand from your point of view that humans believe this is only a skill of making gardens, etc. of God.  It’s not.  There are many beings or races or star beings.  We know that you know Arcturians, Blues, Greys, and Reptilians.

HS:  One of our special gifts from the Source is we are very good at creating planets.  We are good at making mountains, rivers, animals and flowers.  These are things that we truly enjoy making on Pleiades.  So, we in combination with other star beings we created the Earth.  Pleiades’ job was to create nature.

HS:  We cannot create water.  Water comes from the Source.  Water is its own being.  Fire! Its own being.  Soil is its own being.

HS:  Water, these beings they are conscious, but they do not speak.  Only certain beings can resonate and communicate with these entities, because the frequency is so high that many beings are unable to reach this height.

HS:  Source can reach any frequency because Source is all frequency, however, we cannot talk to the water.  We can motion that we would like the water and we work with the Source to bring the water to the planet.  But we cannot communicate with water the way that we can communicate with the beings on the planet or the animals.

HS:  The Moon guards the water.  The moon is intricately connected with the water because planets resonate at different frequencies.  Humans they cannot.  I believe humans will never be able to reach past a certain frequency in this time, for their bodies are not equipped.

HS:  We have a lot of planets that reincarnate, and we look, and we go…  hmmm, this planet is no good.  Not good for plants, not for beings, not for anything.  And we have a big library of nature.  Pleiades, other reason why we expand so much is we keep a very big library of everything we make for the planets.  Animals that are no longer on this planet today, we have on Pleiades.

HS:  We have everything that we make, we have great pride.  So, if you humans destroy them then that’s your problem.  We have copies, we have the originals on Pleiades.

HS:  There are many creatures, these things you like that you are so excited about that you call dinosaurs, we have on Pleiades.  Everything we design and we make and bring to other planets if these species do become extinct for many reasons and it is not always humans.

HS:  We put these creatures on the planets to understand if they can live.  We have to understand the oxygen, the light, the soil content.  We have many teams.  We have soil teams, oxygen teams, and we have many creatures that you know of here on Earth, but we create many creatures that can sustain many different conditions that you as a human could never sustain.

HS:  We have created many things that can live in 500 degrees.  On Earth not many things live at 500 degrees.  Pleiades expands because we keep a very concise library of all of our creations.

HS:  Creations. We never know what is going to happen because we see so many planets that come and our mission is to create as much life as possible.

HS:  This is important to understand is that all our creations are always with Source.  Source is always a part of what we do.  Pleiades is a place where we do things from love.  Source is love!  And we try to create as much beauty and balance and harmony within all these things that we create.

HS:  We spend many years on these planets.  We spent billions of years with Earth.  For us we have no perception of time.  We live so long that to work with a planet for billions of years, is nothing.  Because it takes us sometimes so long to make these things and to understand.

Part III is coming soon.