Pink Water

Abby loves children and teaches kids telepathy and telekinesis. Her planet Sirius, people have control of everything around them. They can control their thoughts and objects. Control thought means they do not need to speak is one of the benefits. Of course occasionally, they do speak, but very rare.

Planet Sirius is within the same galaxy of Earth, and it is situated the opposite side of the sun. Sirius people are highly intellectual beings in this galaxy and they are about hundreds light years away from Earth.

Planet Sirius is very rocky, and smooth rocks are abundant. The weather of this planet is always comfortable, no extremes. Abby sees vegetation. I was curious of other things, so I asked her:

Soo      How do you people look like?
Abby   We are tall, much taller than you people. Have a humanoid shape.
Soo      What about face, what do you have on your face?
Abby   Face is similar to human, oblong head, hair like humans, eyes are brown.
Soo      Do you breathe?
Abby   We do not breathe as you perceive, no need air to breathe.
Soo      Do you breathe like fish then?
Abby   Yes, we breathe just like a fish.
Soo      Do you have limbs?
Abby   Yes, we have limbs like human, four digits of on each side.
Soo      You said you are tall. Is anyone overweight?
Abby   No, nobody is overweight.
Soo      Nobody is overweight? What do you eat?
Abby   We do not eat. We just drink water.
Soo      Drink water only?
Abby   Yes, water has all nutrients that we need.
Soo      No wonder, that’s why no one is overweight!
Abby   Our body is long, thin, and very nice.
Soo      Do you sleep in your planet, like you have night and day?
Abby   Yes, we have day and night. We do not require sleep.
Soo      How do you use your night time, what do you do?
Abby   We are active at night, we study, play games at home.
Soo      So is your night dark as well?
Abby   Yes, night is too dark, we do not leave home at night.
Soo      What kind of clothing do you wear?
Abby   We wear one piece like jumper suit.

One day a new school opened for solely teaching children on astral projection. She explained astral projection is to project yourself to travel quickly without using physical body. It enables to bi-locate, more than one place. People on Sirius can project many if you are really good.

When they have a new source of water which was erupted from side of a mountain, everybody was happy.

Soo      Why that makes your people so happy?
Abby   Because, water is our food.
Soo      What color of water is it?
Abby   It is pink.
Soo      Pink?
Abby   Yes, it is so beautiful. We are so happy.
Soo      Good for you! You have more water. Do you sometimes boil water?
Abby   No, we don’t boil it, just warm it.
Soo      Warm it? May I ask why?
Abby   For better digestion.
Soo      That reminds me, did I ask you question about your dwelling, what is it like…
Abby   We have a house, a small house, one story.
Soo      What do you have in your house?
Abby   We have bed, cushions for sitting.
Soo      What else do you see in your place?
Abby   I see some pair of extra clothing, stove for warming water.



Incredibly interesting thing that I have noticed is that my clients’ current life situations are very much affected by the previous life decisions.

Today I am going to address specifically the vows that they have taken, more related to the monastic vows. When they sworn in to be monks, priestess, or any order of monastic life, they vowed of celibacy, poverty and obedience. Of course, there are many more vows, however here we are interested in only these three (3) vows: celibacy, poverty, and obedience.

Nellie found herself as priestess in ancient times. She herself had to fast many days to make herself pure for specific ritual offerings, or occasions to give healings for villagers. Those years of priestess, she dedicated her entire life for others, totally dependent on offerings of villagers and absolute obedience of her superior.  Those were the rules.

image courtesy of PicPng

In this current life she is highly intelligent, smart, and has great personality. She can make friends easily and feels ease at communicating with people.

When we chatted more, I noticed she kept saying she had not been feeling all right if she had so much money in her wallet, and she had such an urge to rid of them. So she went out and bought some clothes, or gave money away to some homeless people.

And her marriage has been on the rock for several years, she never felt her being loved by her husband. Even now she has to sit down and counts back the days when they slept together. She said “it has been so long, I don’t even feel like I am married”

Long time ago, she recognized her tendency being so much happier and feels herself when she works for herself. She is not much of a corporate person, she feels suffocated by rules and regulations of the corporate and the pressure to meet company’s goals. Of course she is self-employee now, and she said she feels great in spite of some pressure of meeting the expense at the end of the month.

So I asked her Higher Self (HS) on these three vows she has carried over who knows how long.

HS     I am SO grateful that you asked us to rid of all that vows for her. She has taken that vows for many life times and they have rooted down deep in her energy field.
Soo   Those vows no longer serve her in current life, is that correct?
HS    Yes, that is correct.
Soo Then, she will get benefit to remove them now?
HS     Yes!
Soo   Could you remove them from her now?
HS    Yes! We are doing it now.

Then her breathing became so deep and long as if it was coming from the depth of somewhere, and it looked as if they (Higher Self) were pulling out some heavily rooted objects. Three deep and long breaths, one by one.

Soo   What are you doing, may I ask?
HS      We are pulling out all these energies locked in her. Gosh it locked in so deep!
Soo   Pulling out?
HS     Yes, pulling them all out, now it is done.
Soo   Oh! Are they all removed for good?
HS      Yes, all out. No more.
Soo    You mean she is no longer affected by those vows anymore?
HS     No more!
Soo  Thank you so much for doing that for her!  Now she is totally free?
HS    Totally free!


Bob is incredibly sensitive and caring guy, almost make me feel as if I am meeting a priest or a monk. He is fascinated by the new age materials, tells me he reads a lot on that subject.

Previous night, he enjoyed a delicious dinner including some eggplant and fried potato. And he said he felt his energy dipped so low, he could hardly walk. Immediately I said “Oh, it is fried potato!” coming from my own experience. Every time I consume any fried foods and worse if it is fried potato, my body immediately goes to lethargic, sleepy mode, and lose all ambition.

His Higher Self (HS) surprised us:

Soo      Bob had a dinner consist of eggplant and fried potato. He said his energy dipped so suddenly. Could you tell him what caused it?
HS       It was eggplant.
Soo     Oh?
HS      When he was a little boy, he used to play video game of eggplant.
Soo    And?
HS       In that video game, eggplant was evil. It was traumatic experience for a small boy. When anyone eats eggplant, the game showed their health will decrease.
Soo     And?
HS       And the music changed dark and sinister.
Soo     Oh?
HS       He remembered that, but wanted to pass that memory.
Soo    And?
HS       But thing call emotion was still with him. It affected him severely.

image courtesy of windset farms

Eggplant is used often in cooking and people enjoy. As eggplant in black sauce, baked, sautéed, and on some special occasions, people dipped in egg and flour mix and fried them, also steam and mix with sauces, and they are absolutely delicious! Who could even guess some people design such video game using eggplant as evil character?

Bob is laughing now. Oh, his Higher Self said fried potato was ok with him.

Frog People

Tina sees the terrain not solid, vaporous, and gaseous. The planet is comprised of gases, and water has yellow color. The water is more than land mass. Some denser landmass is comprised of carbon, they feel like solid matter. There are vegetations which grow in the water. Some trees are sporadically here and there on the surface, and these trees live long about 1000 years of earth time, and can only grow in this carbon. Nothing can grow on gas.

Her body is crystalline, not as dense as human body, much lighter, translucent, and sparkly. She notices her body is humanoid form, textures like fish with scales. Scaly skins for absorbing poison in the air, and filter it out something useful to other creatures. On the head, she has scales such as fish as well. Her mouth has thin lips with small round mouth. She breathes through the nose, similar in function as human’s, but not in shape. It is flat, has long nostrils, like fish. She has three (3) eyes, third eye being visible eye on a body; it functions as three (3) eyes. Eyes are larger, has bigger pupils having pink and yellow in color. Two (2) ears to hear, but holes in the head only, so it is barely noticeable. Limbs are shorter than humans. Fingers and feet are webbed, just like frog. So her species are called frog people. Their height is usually 7-8 feet tall.

The picture of the left of a husband and a wife was drawn by the client when she was under trance.

The planet is called Mormond (sounds this way) and it is in the galaxy of Alpha Centauri in the same universe as the Earth. According to Tina, the galaxy is about 250,000 light years away from the Earth, from their perspective this is not far at all. They do travel telepathically, and they do not interfere of any other living beings. They, frog people, are free to roam in the galaxy.

Dwelling in the water, they build their shelters using shells discarded by other life forms which share in their environment. Those shells are much bigger than the earth. Their dwelling is one floor, having table in the centre usually place food for friends. They serve mollusques; small creatures that have shells on their backs, creatures like lobsters and shrimps, and eat them the way it is. They also eat seaweed; algae living in the water. It’s not so tasty so they consume once in a while. For entertainment, they talk, laugh, and share stories of adventures to the surface, such as walking with land creatures.

Education system is here too. As soon as children are born, they go to school. They learn how to survive, how to get along with land creatures. They have schools and teachers under water. Gestation of having baby takes three (3) months, easy labour, women usually make average 15-20 eggs every birth. They are very spiritual, they strive to improve by being respectful of all life forms. They act from heart, and practice kindness. Life span about 450 years gives them good chance to evolve.

Marriage is not in a formal way at all like the Earth, it is more like understanding between two beings, committing relationship. Once babies are born, that implies lifelong commitment between the two. She has 37 children and her main job is to swim, explore things and help children, while husband does gather food especially for cold season comes. Their environments are cold and colder. Their bodies are made to live in that environment, so they require no clothing. At night time, when the dark comes, they rest. They do not require sleep, nor dream. Just staying at home, for other creatures come out when dark comes. Also at night time they entertain friends enjoying each other’s company.

Once children grow up, they become independent, leaving home and go on their own. They only return when they find their own mates, to meet the family. Once she is free from all duties of motherhood, she enjoys her hobby; gardening plants, of course in the water. These plants grow maturing in two (2) weeks, ready to consume, and they contain a lot of nutrition that their body need, which are protein and water.

On the last day, asteroid entered the atmosphere, debris fell on the surface creating chemical composition to be changed, and it poisoned the water. Everyone got sick including her husband. Her children were safe because they left this planet. This was the first time the species encountered the sickness.


At a distance, she saw a sphere, a round shape. I asked Flora go closer. She saw a clear bluish sphere, not solid, having crystal texture. Inside each of crystal fibre, she felt she was being part of the fibre. It gave her feeling, evoking emotional experience as if she felt like crying, felt like it was coming home after a long, long time.

This was the sphere where she got a particular training received. Principle colors of the dimension and principal colors of the sphere were crystal blue and emerald green. She mentioned this is the 5th dimension what people call it on the planet Earth.

I could see why she felt coming home feeling and evoked some emotional response in her.

“All this fibres are fractal. Background is black emptiness, black space is through the fractal direction, going into this blue crystal fibre. You follow the principle of fractal inside of the fibre, you end up in this black space”, she explained.

Soo     How do you feel being in that black space?
Flora   I feel comfortable in this black space
Soo     You are saying principle of fractal, what is fractal?
Flora   Fractal is the mathmatical principle that one thing contains a complete package of itself in it, it goes into this package and it has a complete package of itself again in it.
Soo     Could you tell me again in plain language which I can understand?
Flora   Fractal is infinity, not linear infinity. It is coming from one existence of one package of existence that contains a complete copy of package itself inside.
Soo     Please give me some examples which I can grasp the concept?
Flora   For example, birth of a child. A child contains within a life form which is mother with the help of a father, the being is complete on its own. Then with the ability of containing another perfect, complete life form in itself, it continues and to infinity.

The following clip helped me grasp the concept of fractal better.