Small Ego

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Some tens of thousands years ago, when the planet Earth was just beginning to populate with humans, Manty was enjoying the lush forest with plenty of animals to hunt for his family.

He was proud of muscular, fit body and had healthy, long black hair. He only had to cover his genital area, and his body was thoroughly enjoying strong youthful body, feeling soft blowing breeze, jungle sun, and his feet were touching the ground moisture when he made each steps. Feeling of contentment coursed through his entire being.

Suddenly he saw a lioness with a few cubs. He threw his sharp knife at her jugular vein and the lioness fell to the ground. He knew he was very skillful, no doubt today also made a nice kill. He performed his duty to supply food for his many women and children. His today’s job also done marvelously. Scared of animal? No such thing for him! He was never scared of anything!

With ease, he carried the prize on his shoulder, headed to the cave where his women and children were waiting. He dropped the animal on the ground, and women in the family did the rest: skinned, washed, and cooked. In his time, they knew how to use fire, he used spear, knife and arrow. Women also knew how to roast the animal on the fire. They ate with hands, no such thing as fork, or knife yet. They also ate plants. Manty said lion meat was very tough, and he preferred snake meat which was much tender and juicy.

S         So after dinner, what do you do?
M        I choose one woman to embrace. I am very rough.
S         Why? do you enjoy that way?
M        Yes, I like it that way. Because I am the power. I like feeling the power.
S         What about the woman? Does she enjoy that way?
M         No, she does not.
S         Then, what do you do to make her feel happy?
M         I don’t do anything. They are powerless. They just have to accept.

On the following night, he was sobbing. I asked him why.

M         I am all alone, feeling very lonely.
S          What happened? Why do you feel lonely? You have a big family and many women to embrace.
M         No one understands me, they don’t know how my heart feels.
S          Did you tell anyone how your heart feels?
M         No, I don’t talk these things to any. Because I am a man, I keep it to myself.
S         So what really is bothering you now?
M        The woman I wanted, she did not want me.
S         Oh! What happened?
M        She left me for another man.
S         Are you kidding?! Why did she leave you? Do you know why?
M        She liked the other man more, so she left.
S         Really? Can she do that? I mean she was your wife, right?
M         I guess they meant to be together.

So days had gone by, he never embraced another woman, not even once after that. Weeks and months had gone by, he kept brooding, stayed alone, away from the family, but he supplied foods for his family.

He started not liking himself, felt something about him not so desirable as a man. He felt like he was nothing. He did not and could not show his family how he felt. He used to feel very confident, but that woman who left him took away something from him. She took away his pride, he said.

S         What was so special about that woman?
M         I liked her. She was beautiful, feminine and she had something about her eyes that I liked much.
S         Did she like you in the beginning?
M        Yes, she liked me in the beginning.

He started thinking there was no value of continuing his life that way, and without manhood he felt there was no use. He was nothing, he felt. “Manhood was so important, nothing can insult it”. One day, he decided. He grabbed his spear, headed to the forest. He speared himself through his stomach to a tree, ended his life.

A few days later, his family found his body. They carried the body to the cave, and an elder of the family tore open his belly, took out all organs out, cut his body into pieces, they roasted them, and ate them. Manty said it was the custom, his body was their food. He felt nothing strange about them eating the body.

S         So looking at your family, what do you see now?
M        They are all scurrying around, begging for help for other community to accept them.
S         How do you feel looking at them in that way?
M        I feel very, very, sorry.
S         So if that happens again, what could you have done differently?
M        I could have chosen any other woman. I had so many. But it was so insulting, I could not stand being insulted that way.
S         Ending your life that way, now looking back the life you just had, what did you learn?
M        It was very unwise decision. I acted from a small ego. Keeping manhood was not that important at all.

What is Higher Self?

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During when a client is under trance, I as a facilitator of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), have an honor to address questions, and healing requests to the client’s Higher Self (HS). They (HS) are ever wise and loving, have answers for everything that client asks, and heals body, mind and spirit of the client.

They (HS) receive respect and love from their respective clients as well as I, the facilitator.  However something odd thing I have noticed: Every Higherself has different degrees of knowledge and understanding of matters. Some are coming from a very high spiritual place, imparting information more like from the Source Itself, and some, more earthy from earthly being’s perspective.

Soo       What is Higher Self?
HS          It is the essence of what makes up of your soul. The Source has given one or several energies of higher entities as one, the soul embodies in everyone’s body. All their energies are part of a person.
Soo        Does that imply Higher Selves have different character or personality of the being, so to speak?
HS          Yes, since they are all created from the Source, they are one and different.
Soo       For example, we are all human, yet different, and have varying degrees of ability.
HS         Yes, Higherselves are also experiencing as being Higherselves.
Soo       Are you saying  Higherselves are also evolving?
HS         Yes, they are also learning, experiencing, and evolving with you.
Soo       Is that right?! I thought they are beings equal to the Source: infallible, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.
HS          The Source created them for specific reason.
Soo        Specific reason like Archangels?
HS          Yes, Archangels were created for specific reason, so was Higherself.
Soo        So in this whole creation of the Source, Higherself is working as a Higherself.
HS          Correct.
Soo        Then what is spiritual guide?
HS          A guide or guides who help your soul open up. Until your soul opens up it stays with you. All their energies are a part of who you are. They are different from the Source. Sometimes they incarnate as Earth human, one birth after, and they became wiser on everything on earth. When we see renowned scientist, or brilliant actors, or wise sages, they are the ones who were HS, or spiritual guides incarnated as human.
Soo       Could you give us some example, so we can better understand.
HS         Moses is one who walked the Earth 3 (three) times and taught people that the Source is the only one and all else is illusion. Sanat Kumar is another, who walked the Earth once. Many symbols were given by the Source to Sanat Kumar. Those symbols were too powerful for humans to sustain in human vessel, so only a portion of the symbols given.

Now the conversation with the Higherself of one client on this subject is one information, but as you know by now, with another Higherself, the same subject might enlighten another side of “The Diamond”.

Parallel Lives

Sean was born in 1980 that makes his age 38 this year. In viewing one of his past lives, he was a man of 70s sitting on a park bench, reading The Toronto Star dated June 20, 1997.

When people come for a session, I ask their birth year. The reason is simply for this purpose to recognize where about the past life viewing is: current, past, or parallel life.

Why the parallel life was viewed? The Higherself (HS) of Sean answered that life was very applicable to what his current life assignment. HS knows which life is most applicable for the purpose.

image courtesy of The Mighty

Soo      Why people have parallel lives?
HS        To gain more experience. The fragment of who you are in no time, and no space. So parallel life somewhere now what is in it of you now.
Soo      How many parallel lives can we have, any number of that?
HS        No limit.
Soo      You mean another of me somewhere in other dimension, in other time?
HS        That’s right.
Soo      Sometimes, while I am doing something I feel all of a sudden, that I have done this before. Is that what people call déjà vu?
HS        That’s right. At that moment, you have a glimpse of another you.
Soo      Another word, déjà vu is experience of parallel lives?
HS        Correct.

Apparently more of us are doing and living somewhere, and sometime at the same moment. The concept is really difficult to wrap the brain around.

As the HS mentioned, we want more experience, so we create more of us in different setting.  I know of some people who set their life task so difficult, so much to overcome, they are having tough time to deal with: family issues, health issues, emotional issues and more.

Come to think of it, life is eternal, so much time to experience and learn all of them, why are we in such a hurry? Why not take time to evolve! Perhaps easy life once in a while would be nice. Such a life to enjoy of the perfect health, financial abundance, good looks, surrounding you with perfect friends and a spouse in love, and never experience of any difficulties to achieve anything. You ask for, you get it. Easy, breezy.

What would guides and counsellors in the spirit world advise us when we want to design such a smooth sailing life? Probably we would hear wise counsel of; we might waste a good chance to improve, to work out the bad karmas, or to create better space for other living creatures.

And also it is very easy to surmise to stack up piles on our plate for the next life to tackle while designing in spirit world. Even in this life on Earth, in the moment of high spirit, we often say “Yes! Bring it on”.

Fine balance seems to be the key to success.

A Beauty from Andromeda

Andromeda Galaxy credit to Ivan Bok

Her white pale skin sparkling with light, she has straight long voluminous golden hair, pale blue eyes, thin figure of six (6) feet tall in humanoid form of the 7th dimension, where there is no time, Caya is working in a galaxy of Andromeda, which is something like 2.5 million light years away from us.

Soo       The color of the eyes, are you all blue?
Caya      Everyone is all different, blue is popular color for clarity and focus, serious but peaceful.
Soo       Do you wear any attire in your world?
Caya     Yes, we wear blue robe while at work, and white bodysuit in front of congregation.
Soo       Why white?
Caya      The color signifies to show the highest respect for everyone.
Soo       Then what blue means?
Caya      Blue robe is for focus while at work.

On my curiosity about her office, she describes of it that has a desk and a 3D screen, which is made out of the light. It is not an actual screen, but a hologram. On the screen she has a light picture of her work.

Also her office has a big window, through it she can see the light outside and a blue sky.

Soo       Where is your office? I mean where is it located?
Caya     Oh, it is in the mothership.
Soo        Please tell me all about the mothership.
Caya      We live in the spaceship. It is white, smooth, made out of sand stone, not heavy, lots of light inside of the ship. The inside of the ship is very comfortable. It has a space like lounge with pods where you can rest in to relax to repair you. It is a huge ship, like a big city that has everything you need. The ship contains more than hundreds of office, and everyone moves slowly, they don’t have to rush, and they can get where they go quickly without rushing.
Soo       Who runs this ship?
Caya      The mothership is run by a custodian, male, and he is the only one working on this.
Soo       Tell me more about him and the control panel.
Caya      There is no control panel. He sits on a chair, moves the ship with his mind. He is big, bigger than me, VERY big. He is a different being, very white, wearing blue robe, does not speak. He is from the 9th dimension.
Soo       Why is he on the job?
Caya      He knows how to do it with his mind. He has very powerful mind, so he can move us all at once.

On my inquiry of her work at the ship: She works with energy of a planet in the Andromeda galaxy smoothing out the atmosphere of it.

The work requires very fine skill with extreme care. The final result that she is looking for is to make a smooth energetic coating for an outer layer of the planet, like healing the layer of the planet. It is likened to an energetic surgery on the planet.

She is environmentally keen, and is busy everyday to do this.

Soo       If you need help or have a question, what do you do?
Caya      I go to an assembly, talk about the issue and ask for help.
Soo       Oh, do you report to your superior?
Caya      No one above. We are all equal on a same level, and we all have responsibility for a certain planet.
Soo       What do you do when you are not working?
Caya      I go flying in and around the ship, and outside of the ship. I see blue sky and green trees below me of the planet that I am working on. I fly around looking at what I have worked on. Also I meet my friend. She is small about 3-4 feet tall, does the same work as I. She is very funny, makes a lot of joke. We laugh a lot, and we talk about things to explore also.
Soo       By the way, what do you take for sustenance?
Caya      Sun gives all sustenance. We never get hungry. Just absorb light, and rest 10 minutes a day. Just close my eyes.
Soo       Will that be equivalent to 7 to 8 hours of a human sleep a day?
Caya      Yes.
Soo       Do you have a family or a marriage, something like that?
Caya      Yes, I have a partner through marriage, and have a daughter.
Soo       Tell me more about your family.
Caya      Marriage was decided, put together by the custodian. I met my partner and he was chosen because he is not interfering my work. It is just all about the work. He is a pilot of a shuttle of this mothership, and he is in the 7th dimension as well.
Soo       You said you have a daughter. How did you produce the child?
Caya      My partner and I created her by thoughts.
Soo       Do you enjoy your work?
Caya      Oh yes! I am totally happy doing the job, which will be never ending. It is not a typical work. It is more like a vocation.
Soo       Very good. I just remembered what you said about you wear white bodysuit to respect others. What occasion did you wear the suit?
Caya      When standing in front of a crowd of people, I talked about how to create harmony in the galaxy. It was a huge, concert hall like circular auditorium, gathered by all different races from other galaxies as well. I emphasized the role of mothers to bring peace and how we all can move forward. I reported how things were going, how we could get this place to be good enough for children and asked for help.
Soo       You said all different races, what do they wear?
Caya      All white body suit to show respect.
Soo       Oh I see, were there only mothers present?
Caya      Fathers were in the assembly too. We have responsibility, a need to serve everyone, and we are all keeping the world together peacefully.

Pablo Picasso

When Jason was in the spirit world, learned the lesson and purpose of the life which he viewed, he was chuckling.

Soo          Why are you laughing?
Jason      My guide is here.
Soo          Oh? Can I speak to your guide?
Jason      Yes.
Guide      You can talk to me.
Soo          Thank you! So you be able to answer questions that Jason has?
Guide      Yes.
Soo          By the way, do you have name?
Guide      Pablo.
Soo          Thank you. How did you meet Jason?
Guide       I was drawn to him.
Soo           What was the thing that drew you to him?
Guide       Creativity.
Soo           Have you been always his guide?
Guide       Only this life.
Soo           The Pablo who I know is Pablo Picasso.
Guide       That is I.
Soo           Oh, pleasure to meet you! I appreciate your painting. When I was little, I used to paint your paintings. I read your paintings are selling at very high price.
Pablo       No consequential.
Soo           Meaning?
Pablo       It does not matter. Painting gave me a joy, so I did it.
Soo           Do you have a whole lot of people guiding in spirit world?
Pablo       A lot.
Soo           Are they all humans who you guide?
Pablo       No, other beings too. Whoever calls for my help.
Soo           So, you are very busy?
Pablo       No.
Soo           Can I address you as Pablo, will that be OK?
Pablo       Yes.

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The conversation style of Pablo was brief to the point. He helped heal all Jason’s physical discomforts, answered all Jason’s questions, and he introduced Alpha Centauri.

Soo           Why Alpha Centauri?
Pablo       That is his primary home planet.
Soo           What is Alpha Centauri?
Pablo       It is a nearest galaxy from your galaxy.
Soo           I believe he was born in some planet of Alpha Centauri then?
Pablo       Yes.
Soo           Could you tell me more about the planet?

Then, he explained what the planet is, the name of the planet is beyond what human tongue can pronounce (though Alpha Centaurian use symbols to recognized the individuality and I even asked him to murmur the name, but he couldn’t pronounce), and what Jason worked at the galaxy. And he added the galaxy is in the same universe as our milky galaxy, has millions of planet, some planet has life, some, not.

The features of being in the Alpha Centauri have humanoid form. They are taller, much taller than human, have greyish brown skin, and eyes are slightly bigger than ours. Eyes have different colors of green, blue and violet. They have no hair, and have 4 (four) digits.

They are in the 5th and the 6th dimension and they are highly evolved. Obviously beings are populated, so my interest moved into their reproduction system.

Soo           How do they produce children?
Pablo       By thoughts they manifest and they create more readily than humans. They require female and male, both parties collectively manifest, then ask for a spark. It is spiritual reproduction. Require no gestation period. It is an instant birth. It starts from a child, so soul can learn.
Soo           What is the 5th and 6th dimension like?
Pablo       Thoughts manifest reality instantly. It takes no time, no space. You just focus and manifest more. You cannot manifest anything harmful. Fear & hatred will never manifest. Only love transcends all dimensions.
Soo           Pablo, I am just curious, how do you know when someone asks your help?
Pablo       When they call, I sense it.
Soo           Recall your human experience, could you tell me what it feels like you sense the need?
Pablo       It is like when someone is looking over you, you feel the sensation they are watching you.
Soo           Oh, so it is a vibration you are drawn into?
Pablo       Yes.

Thank you so much Pablo for your wonderful work!

I will be a dog

Soo          What?! Did you say, you will be a dog?!
Friend     Yeah, a psychic said I will be a dog in the next life.
Soo          Why?! Do you want to be a dog?
Friend     Well, you know. It is a kind of nice life, I think. You can experience the unconditional love. You don’t have to work to eat. Someone even pick up my poops too.

image courtesy of Return of Kings

She smiled but I was not convinced of that, does not sit well with me at all.

I recalled one of my client’s Dad became a tree. And I thought that was going backward on evolutionary schedule. I understood we go through that life of a dog or a tree, and once we become human, at least we stay at human even if we did not succeed in life as human, still given more chances to work it out.

The Higherself (HS) of a client elaborated more on this subject.

Soo        Evolution is always upward, isn’t it? Human becomes a dog or tree is a devolution.
HS          Becoming a tree or dog is not going backward, it means experiencing a new thing, not going backward. Evolution, sometimes it is stagnant or repeat, but never downward. Some trees in fairy realm are in the 6th dimension.
HS          Stone and flower are another experience. Being a blade of grass, we were once, is most satisfying experience, just being, only absorbing, soaking up the sunlight, being green, and enjoying other blade of grass. Sometimes you need to be quiet after life of turmoil. It is nice to go back to quietness sometimes. It is all every facet of experience, never a demotion.
Soo        That reminds me of returning to the Source of enlightened masters. Once they obtain enlightenment, they become one with the Source, any of them ever stay with the Source forever?
HS          We don’t know of any. All go back to the Source, send information to the Source, get cleansed with love, and come back working in something else. Jesus is the only one stays in the Source and send messages that we know of.
Soo         All right. Some says there are 12 Sources and one Absolute Origin. Is that correct information?
HS          There is only one Source, not 12. The others have vast knowledge of universes and galaxies, but only one Source.

Why I came

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Some time ago, Higher Self (HS) of one of my clients said Jesus married, had a child, and lived long after crucification. I was so much more puzzled than before facilitating the session. Because firmly I have believed from reading the Bible that Jesus died on the cross for human and no such thing as he was married.

According to other people’s writing that I have been reading, Jesus did not die on the cross, or he died, but atoms of his body had reorganized and indeed he was resurrected.

The way of my thinking is: Truth has to be only one based on the fact. Coming from that thinking, so many variable theories on one fact of Jesus’ resurrection alone gave me enough confusion. Incredibly unsettling was mild statement for me.

Recently Higher Self of another client revealed more information on Jesus. The HS said:

Yes, he was on the crucifix.
Yes, he did die.
Yes, he resurrected.
Yes, he was in love of Mary Magdalene.
Yes, he was married to Mary Magdalene.

The client channeled Jesus:

“What is the vessel? What is the vessel comprised of? It was comprised of all elements: earth, sand, fire, wind, and water. All of the elements that Earth has, that keeps the Earth alive. My essence was taken back to the Source. However, why so much human’s fascination of what actually happened to my vessel? I became part of everything that was around me, although you might think how this is possible in one day given the energy inside of me. My soul, my essence has been burnt through, and became part of everything else. Did everybody see me after I resurrected? They saw me as they remember who I looked. Was it who I was? No it was not. I am the Source. The Source has given energy so that consciousness changes. What they remember of me is being in that vessel, that is not who I truly am.”

Now the HS continued as HS, not as Jesus:

Resurrection is change in consciousness. It was the rise of his believes, what he was trying to teach, sadly that was totally misconstrued. Resurrection means numerology of the birth and the death of what he had physically experienced on Earth. There is a change of consciousness. Although it was not what he wanted, it was not the right thing, and the message was completely misunderstood, it was birth of something new. There was the resurrection.

The HS delivered the message of Jesus:

Jesus’ teaching was to send message and let people know that there is only one Source of all creation. Although some of the message has been conveyed, but the rest was not. Let people know that he did not want to be put up and worshipped on the cross when he was at the weakest, where he was at the most vulnerable. Why show his body like that? He did not like his body shown like that. Why people worship him like that? He feels sad at times. There should not be a religion. That was the whole point, only the Source, the limitless love of the Source.

End of the quote.

Resisting. Why?

In order for us to get a good hypnosis session, it is vital we set our conscious mind aside, not to interrupt to let our Higherselves (HS) come in. We need our HS. Our HS is the one who knows, can heal any physical discomforts, and can show the right way for us. How well we are able to let go of our conscious mind is really an art and is a way of total cooperation to get what we need. HS is here for our benefit. We are designed to be hypnotized. That has been my observation.

Once in a while I meet very exciting people who love to prove that they are right. They are right to prove that they cannot be hypnotized. Then why do they even bother to make an appointment and are willing to pay for the session. Very interesting mindset.

Some conversation with one HS might enlighten what is conscious mind and why such resistance is  coming from our mind.

image courtesy of Thoughts for Success

Soo     Where is conscious mind?
HS        They reside in the heart, in the head, in the mind, and mostly in the heart.
Soo     What is mind?
HS       Mind is merely the glove that goes onto the hand, a piece of clothing.
Soo     Another way of expressing?
HS       If you saw spirit, you dismissed it as being a figment of your imagination. It is your mind takes over and thinking “Oh, remember what you saw on TV, now your mind manifested itself”. Mind did not create the dirt (dirty energy), in between legs and arms from the client coming for Reiki. The power of one compare to the other. Mind can be tamed and disciplined like a child. Children nowadays are not disciplined; they are more into mind than who they really are.
Soo     What is mind? Is it conscious mind is mind?
HS       Mind is anatomical, and it is inside of the body in the head, the heart, and electricity goes through the brain distinguishes what is right from wrong. It is all scientific. However spiritual science has never experienced or considered and it is always dismissed by humans.
Soo     So spiritual side of it is?
HS       For example, if you saw spirit at age five (5), mind could not take over telling you that it was your imagination, or something you saw from TV. Those were the times you were closer to HS, who you truly are. That is why HS wants less control of the mind but more control of spirit.
Soo     So mind is directly related to the body then.
HS       That’s right.
Soo     Then we are created to have the mind to live in this world.
HS       That’s right. The mind is created to be in this world, without it, the energy that we emit will destroy the Earth.
Soo     Degrees of mind also have something to do with evolution?
HS       That’s right. Higher being has less mind, almost taken a back seat and more of HS.
Soo     Is there such a thing as mind has any color or shape?
HS       Mind does not have colors, or shapes. All conscious mind are in all chakras and neurons posses mind in everywhere of the body. Hence it is important why chakras are balanced.
Soo     People are resisting to good ideas or to be hypnotized. Why?
HS       We are programmed that way and, it is hard to get out of the mass hypnosis. That is resistance.
Soo     That is so true, being hypnotized as human. It is pretty thick and strong.
HS       Yes.
Soo     Why such programming for human?
HS       It was an experiment, and a learning process. Earth is the only planet, where we forget all its past. We are designed to be awaken when the shift of consciousness happen to allow to remember. Some are angry that we are made to forget. It was designed to see if we evolve starting from scratch. One day what we learnt how to read and write, then death, and come back to learn how to read and write all over again, a simple analogy.
Soo     Has this experiment achieved any success so far?
HS       Experiment on humans started to go better compare to million years ago.
Soo     Has there any being made to special exception from the mass experiment?
HS       Yes, some. For very selective agreement, they were allowed to retain memory. However how you use that tool is up to you.
Soo     Yes, free will is good, but it is very difficult to decide what is correct, and another difficulty is how to know what the right decision is.
HS       That’s right.
Soo     A little memory would be a great help, instead of starting from the clean slate.
HS       Yes.
Soo     Even in some spiritual teaching, certain teachers advise students not to let you be hypnotized. So good number of students are hesitant to come forward to take advantage of the hypnosis.
HS       At that time, humans were not able to sustain the knowledge and energy in that vessel. They would reap it apart, and would not accept it with love. There were too much energy in that. All about how much the human vessel can take. When their mind cannot take, they are gone mad for example. They were told they needed a brain operation. At that time, humans were not ready, thus such advice. Now humans have evolved, it is perfectly all right.
Soo     So that advice was meant for protection at those days.
HS       Correct.


image courtesy of Reading with Matt

Often, I myself have noticed that I have been paying attention at seeing the time indicating on 5:55, 3:33, 11:11, 12:12 and so on. The more often it falls on the same number repeatedly, the higher my curiosity perked. On top of that, my circle of friends also has shown keen interest in those numbers, which bear some meaning they said.

One client wanted to explore a certain number of his birthday.

Soo     His birthday adds to a certain number, do they mean anything?
HS       Yes, the number is important. Now there is a very thin veil between people’s reality and what Reality really is. As veil thins, more messages are coming through. More people are aware of noticing numbers like 555 and 333. They are all vibrational numbers. So the message is being transmitted through, as more people shift to higher dimension, so it happens often. It is like passing a note in the class. So thoughts become reality. Pay attention to those numbers.
Soo     Pay attention?
HS       Thoughts, what you are thinking at that moment becomes a reality, if given, more control of destroying the illusion at that time. So when you are thinking of walking to a park, or eating a certain food, you must do it to create it as a reality, the vibrational impact of that action is necessary.
Soo     When I noticed the time at 5:55, I was thinking of eating rice for dinner.
HS       You noticed the time at 5:55, you need to change from thinking of eating rice to stop eating rice. That was the message for you. When you pay attention with the thought at that moment means something. Each number has a different message to each person.
Soo     You mean if someone is thinking of watching TV at 5:55, that means the person needs to change to not watching it?
HS       That’s right. Number 5 means the change you wish it to happen. Every number is a message.

So the HS took some time, and elaborated meaning of numbers that I addressed:

0             It means nothing, reincarnation if you will.
111         Beginning and end, birth and death, beginning of new idea or new creation.
222       Wave of love coming towards you, in that instance of feeling of peace and tranquility, the thought at that moment is the reality that you need to follow through.
333       Trinity, think in terms of 3 of creativity will become reality, trinity is very important.
444       House, it is a home. Pay attention to the energy within of your environment.
555       Changes you wish to have it happen.
666       Trinity of 6 is very important. Number 6 is vibration of healing, nurturing and of home.
777        Heavenly and it is the angel number, 7 (seven) depth of consciousness to the angel realm.
888       Lucky number, number of infinity, and the number of the Source.
999       The highest form of leading to higher dimension. It is a dimensional key to open to another portal. 999, it all ends to 9, no matter how you cut it, it will end to 9.
1010       Beginning and end. 1 for beginning, 0 is for nothing, reincarnation if you will.
1111        It is beginning and an end to direct to higher dimension.
1212       It is beginning and it is the time for a difference of love that’s coming in.

The HS said it is absolutely worthwhile to study. There are much knowledge in numerology and find the balance in it. To my question of where people can go to learn the numbers, the HS said we can easily find all sorts of information on the internet. Since every number is a message, whatever vibrational message to you is unique.

The HS recommended writing number down, when a thought you had at that moment, see how that vibration resonates with you.

The numbers I requested for an elaboration to the HS is only a little part of the whole. Much luck to your endeavor in exploring numbers!

Do you recognize them?

In every past life review, one question that I always address is: Do you recognize them?

All relationship whether that was hugely impacted on that life or not, I have noticed they continue to connect in their future lives as well, small or large.

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Here are just a few examples:

One client, in the past life they were father and daughter, this current life they are wife and husband. In the past life, current husband was her father who was unable to express his feelings. His way of dealing was through shouting, and physical violence. This life they married out of familiarity. She expressed she did not feel any strong physical attraction, nor heart beating excitement, just felt comfortable when she met him.

Another client, in the past life she was father and has a son whom he devoted all his life just loving and caring for the son. This current life, they are colleagues at a work place, caring very much each other and both came back as females.

Another, in the past life she was haughty, high society lady and he was a self made millionaire. In current life, they both came as the same gender as in the past life, but having not so loving marriage. Of course, they have to work out issues to resolve. Interestingly when she met him, she felt strong emotional pull toward him. When he held her hand for the first time, she felt strong electricity went through her entire being. Of course, she thought that was the sign of “true soul mate”.

Another, in the past life she was a high ranking male aristocrat and he was a female seamstress.
This current life, high ranking aristocrat is female housewife and the female seamstress is now corporate lawyer. Their marriage is on the rock all the time due to their inability to appreciate each other’s value. Both insist she is right and he is right situation. Neither party is willing to resolve the situation.

Another, in the past life, they were just acquaintances. She thought he was very happy go lucky kind of boy. In this life, they both came back as the same gender as in the past life, but this marriage was not their first, but one of the many.

Another, in the past life, she was the leader of the exploration team on the other planet in this solar system, and other person was one of the member of the team. Both were males in the past and in current life they are both females. This is my story.

Before total relaxation, I always ask client go to washroom. When Tracy came out the washroom and told me that she remembered we met before. When she exclaimed that I was her teacher, I was intrigued. Once she was in a very relaxed state, her Higher Self (HS) was ever present and eager to answer questions.

Soo     Tracy said I was her teacher. Could you tell us what does that mean?
HS       Yes, when you led a large group of exploration team and she was one of the members.
Soo     What exploration did we go to and where?
HS       On Mars, the exploration was out to get information on herbal plants.

Some time ago when I had my own Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique (QHHT) past life regression session, my HS showed me that I was a male scientist from the planet Mars. That life was totally devoted for research to help Martian as well as humans in the field of health.

Tracy’s HS validated my past life existence on the planet Mars. She and I felt newly renewed friendship. I call her my student and she calls me her teacher. Marvelous!